Viva Arquitectura | Plaza Batan
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Plaza Batan

Plaza Batán is the first retail project in Ecuador to achieve LEED GOLD certification due to its strategies in energy efficiency, water efficiency, landscape design and environmental education among others.  Plaza Batan is an open mall project comprised of a 3 building blocks located around a parking lot and with external areas and pedestrian walkways. The project is located in the urban core of the city of Samborondon, with easy access from the residential area and the financial and commercial district from Samborondon and the city of Guayaquil. The project is strategically located in the housing development area of Samborondon, and it is well connected and served by public transportation systems.  The Project provides commercial and retail services and spaces to the housing developments in the surrounding area.  Services include grocery store, home improvement store, toy store, home furnishings, other retail, food services, offices and administrative areas.   The project was designed and built by Wright Soto & Associates with VIVA in charge or environmental design and LEED certification.  In particular, the grocery store Supermaxi showcases the use of solar tubes and Kalwall skylight  for adequate natural lighting that is diffuse and comfortable without the heat gain to reduce the demand and operation of HVAC systems.  Supermaxi generates on-site 10% of its energy demand through a Photovoltaic system that provides a canopy for parking areas, and the HVAC system is the most efficient system in the market, a  VRF system that reduces energy consumption by 30%.  A water treatment plant recovers and treats water for irrigation of over 2000m2 of native gardens that re-introduce native species and agricultural value to landscape areas within the city.


Samborondón, Guayas, Ecuador

LEED certification